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Learning how to keep your house tidy can be one of the hardest lessons between errands, work, parenthood, and the chaos of everyday life. At times it may seem impossible to manage everything on your plate. But, there are some quick and convenient ways to help you get your house in order. Here’s everything you must know about keeping your house clean all year long.

Start By Putting Everything Away After Use

This may feel obvious, but failing to put away your items is the main reason for untidiness. When you move from a room to another, perform a quick scan to see if you can take anything with you.

You’ll need to go out of the way to ensure that anything you are wearing or using ends up where it belongs. It’s easy to leave a shoe pair at the front door, a few shirts on your bed, and some dishes in the sink. But remember, these tiny piles can quickly turn into a bigger mess.

If it’s space you’re lacking, consider a DIY closet organization idea such as tension rods and shower curtain hooks. Using over-the-door organizers for extending existing spaces in your bedrooms, bathrooms, and hall closets is also an option.

Organize your paper items with a mail sorter and enclose your smaller belongings with decorative baskets. It takes far less time to put away items than to run around looking for them at the time of need.

Keeping Your House Clean Daily

A majority of the people wait till their house is untidy to start cleaning. The trick here is to put in a small effort every day for keeping your house as tidy as possible. Daily tasks are small but effective reminders of how to keep your house clean.

Here are some easy ways to tidy your home every day:

Make The Bed

When starting your day, it’s best to make your bed. By making your bed each day, you’ll notice a domino effect, allowing you to keep everything else neat.

Grab As You Go

Minimize clutter by picking up your belongings whenever you leave the room. Bring the shoes with you when you go upstairs, take dirty laundry with you on your trip downstairs or pick up the coffee cup on the counter.

Clean As You Cook

Pay close attention to the clutter in the kitchen. Throw out any scraps of empty packages as you use them. Wash the utensils while dinner roasts in the oven. Ensure that the dishes are put away before you sit down after meals. Cleaning as you go keeps your kitchen in tip-top shape and also saves time.

Clean Up Any Mess As It Happens

Avoid leaving any small messes or spills unattended. Take some time to wipe them up with a damp cloth so that you wouldn’t have to deal with set-in stains at the end of the week.

Sweep The Kitchen Floor

Usually, the kitchen sees more traffic than the rest of the house. This means the kitchen floor collects a lot of dirt and debris. Spending few minutes each day sweeping the floor will help keep away dirt being dragged through the house all week long.

Sort The Mail

If you receive mails almost daily, and a majority of those mail turns out to be junk, rather than letting it pile up, sort it the second you walk in the door. Recycle any junk mails and place the bills, personal correspondence and coupons in their appropriate places when you bring in the mail.