A beautiful potted plants hanging on a wall.

These very simple plantation tips make a world of difference to improve the attractiveness of your house and its market value.

Are you looking to improve your home’s curb appeal and value in the real estate market? Or maybe you want to be proud of a place that your neighbors envy. The first thing that buyers will check out is the porch outside your house. Even if you have a smashing interior design, investing in your curb appeal attracts people when they set sights on your place.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend much to boost your curb appeal and make your property stand out. So, get ready to add more pizazz to the exterior of your house. We will list down a few tried-and-tested quick-fix plantation tips that transform your place for the better.

Potted Plants to Liven up the Curb

Plants do more than provide shade and sit pretty. They breathe life into your space. A home with potted plants outside looks like a place that is well taken care of. Make sure you mix and match potted plants of varying types and heights that fit outside your porch, curb, and garden.

Use Fixtures in Trees

Want to know how to get that warm, soft, and natural glow that shines down on your pavement and pathway to the house? Get trees and install fixtures on them so that they give your curb a serene and inviting look.

Make Use of Barks and Mulch

Mulch and tree bark are more than just about making your furniture stand out. They keep your garden soil moist, acting as an organic fertilizer for your plants. They also act as a natural counteract to weeds. For the best results, make sure you use natural mulch and not the dyed kind that contains contaminants. A better idea is to use wood bark that is native to your region.

What About Curbside Shrubs?

Are your curb shrubs getting out of hand? Do they have more branches than greenery? Then it is time you do some good old-fashioned pruning of your shrub beds. Pruning shrubs is essential because you need sunlight and air for the plant to go greener. Use sharp tools to prune your plants manually for the best results. Those mechanized pruners only skim the surface and do nothing else.

Are all curb shrubs ready to be pruned? Not all. Consider leaving shrubs like spruces and cedars alone. You should regularly prune stuff like Taxus, privet, cherry laurel, and boxwood for the best results. It pays to maintain them well.

Garden Beds Should Be Handled Properly

Do you know what sells that house? The garden that you have. You need to have the right mix of evergreen and colorful plants to impress your neighbors. That means putting the lowest plants in the front and the highest ones in the back of your porch. This creates impressive foliage with striking blooms for your curb.

Concluding Thoughts

These straightforward planting tips make a world of difference to improve your house’s curb appeal and its market value. Remember, people say that the first impression is more or less the last one, so make sure you stick to this adage when sprucing up your porch.