A well aired room

Renovating a house can be time-consuming but it can be easy if we follow a 60 minute home renovation ideas.

You don’t need to go on a spending spree to spruce up your home, but with a few great ideas, you can bring a new life to it. It’s a sheer fact that home renovation costs one an arm and a leg, and the more you spend, the less it seems.

However, you can still have a big impact on the style and function of your entire home with some simple and budget-friendly updates.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the eight most popular and easy home renovations ideas that can surely give a new look and feel to your entire house.

Renovate: Play With Paint

Get your hands on a bucket of bold paint color and paint a single wall in your room. You don’t need to color the whole room, but merely one wall, which will help you renovate a new look and feel to your room without spending much time and money.

Update Your Hardware

Fixing the cabinet pulls, and doorknobs don’t require much of your time, money, or effort, but renovating them helps you keep your essentials neat and clean and make the room look more balanced and organized.

Think About Wallpaper Renovation

A number of wallpapers are available in the market in different patterns and sizes, which don’t cost much, but mounting them on your wall will help your house leave an ever-lasting impression on the visitors. A large-sized art piece or small-sized photographs can bring new life to your walls.

Pendant Lights Play Differently

Pendant lights don’t only make the room look more interesting and appealing, but it also allows you to have more space in the room, unlike floor lamps and table lamps.

Lighting plays a vital role in elevating and beautifying the interior of your home, especially the paint. The impact of light varies from color to color; hence, choose the lighting options carefully.

Shower Heads Renovation

Sanitary fittings are the quickest to dull down, as they are amongst the most used hardware. Upgrading the shower heads goes a long way, as it will not only renew the functionality but will also add drastically to the aesthetic.

The nozzle of the shower won’t cost you much, and upgrading it will demand not more than five minutes from your precious time.

Replace the Old Faucets

Bathrooms and the kitchen play a vital role when it comes to facelift the house appearance. One of the essential items of a bathroom and kitchen is undoubtedly the faucets. Switch out your old leaky faucet and install a new one to elevate the room’s aesthetics tremendously. It’s a renovation worth considering.

Paint Your Staircase

Your staircase needs constant upkeep. It’s an easy and inexpensive task, but the impact is huge on your house aesthetics. Thus, consider painting the staircase to elevate your house’s overall appearance.  

Final Words

With the above-mentioned ideas, you can really make your home more livable within an hour or less in a budget-friendly manner. Like what you read? Let us know in the comments below.