View of beautiful bed

View of beautiful bed with colorful cushions

What’s the one room that you can’t wait to retreat to every day? Of course, it’s the bedroom. People spend about a third of their life in the bedroom. This means the bedroom deserves nothing but the best.

Yet, designing a peaceful sanctuary away from outside commotion can be an overwhelming task. But don’t fret, here are five bedroom combinations that consider all things furniture, space, style, and more.

1.    The Essentials For A Bedroom

Before getting down to decide which drape suits the theme of your room, pay attention to the basics. For instance, the bed should be durable and of the correct size. Along with that, spacious vanity and a utilitarian bedside table will only add to the convenience. Don’t forget to include a wardrobe that’s high on storage and sleek. Lastly, make your bedroom seating dreamy for a snug reading nook with ample ambient lighting.

2.    Bed Styles And Frames

What makes the perfect bedroom is a perfect bed.

There are countless designs out there, and picking a bed that lasts long can be a challenge. From murphy beds to four-poster beds, the space in your room can help you settle on a single type of bed.

If you’re overcome by the number of options presented to you, here are some popular designs you can look out for:

  • Slat Beds
  • Wing-back Beds
  • Sleigh Beds
  • Panel Beds
  • Open-frame Beds
  • Canopy Beds
  • Four Poster Beds
  • Murphy Beds
  • Trundle Beds
  • Floating Beds
  • Cottage Style Beds
  • Sleeping Lofts
  • Bunk Beds

3.    Headboard Styles in the Bedroom

At times a bedroom calls for a stylish element. A headboard can most definitely be an essential piece of furniture as it’s a detail that completes a bedroom.

Opting for carved wooden headboards can help you achieve a touch of ethnicity or a chic bohemian vibe.

However, a headboard made from wooden panels is sure to act as an attractive focal point, especially in smaller bedrooms. A velvet headboard can transform your blank walls into a sophisticated bedroom wall with a floor-to-ceiling design.

What’s more, a POP headboard can lend a romantic vibe to most contemporary bedrooms. The most commonly preferred tufted headboard adds elegance to many spaces and is also available in various colors.

4.    Space-Efficient And Multi-Functional Wardrobes

Have you ever thought about your bedroom’s potential?

It doesn’t only have to be a place to sleep. It can be a library, a dressing area, an entertainment zone, a study, and so much more! Space-efficient and multi-functional wardrobes consider the space constraints most modern homes face.

A good combination is a wardrobe-cum-TV-unit, for instance. Getting a TV unit and wardrobe would mean you need to sort out space for two items separately.

However, this won’t be an issue with a wardrobe-cum-TV-unit. With this, you can have your TV stand in the middle of your wardrobe, or you can mount the TV. In both ways, that’ll give your room a clutter-free look!

5.    Smart Storage

Everyone has encountered the feeling of stowing away junk under the bed to hide that unsightly clutter. But before giving in to the temptation, there’s one more thing you can do.

Enter wicker baskets. These are affordable ways to add storage to your bedroom. By lining up wicker baskets, you can place the nitty-gritty items that don’t have any place in your home inside these. There are various shapes and sizes for these baskets that you can choose according to the stuff that needs to go in. Also, be sure to cover them and save them from dust and grime.